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Internal door is one of the main parts of the interior. Appropriate hardware emphasizes sophistication and individuality of the product. One of the leading manufacturers of decent quality door hardware is a firm "Colombo Design".

Colombo DesignThe firm "Colombo Design" produces a complete set of different hardware made of high quality alloys, Venetia (Murano) glass and noble types of wood for door and window units as well as for different accessories for halls, bathrooms and toilets. Nevertheless, the company "Colombo Design" reached sensational and permanent success not only by means of a special approach to designing of its own products and accessories to them that are notable for their refinement and finesse of classic image in combination with innovative, sometimes, anthropogenic daring design solutions but also by means of perfect product quality.

Among partners of "Colombo Design" in the world of design there should be mentioned "Alberto Meda", "Angeletti e Ruzza", "Carlo Bartoli", "Jasper Morrison", "Luca Colombo", "Makio Hasuike", "Pininfarina", design studios "Castiglia Associati" and "Studio Kairos".

Products of "Colombo Design" are always characterized with individuality, novelty and high commercial value. Company productive facilities are placed in the province of Bergamo in the area of more than 20 000 m2 and they make it possible to produce several millions of complete products per year, and these products are sold in more than 50 countries of the world.

The Italian enterprise "Colombo Design" was founded in 1990 and during almost one year it turned from an investment project into ultramodern automated enterprise of closed cycle that is equipped with robotics according to the latest achievements of science and technology.

Commercial success of "Colombo Design" is a result not only of its rigorous approach to product design but also of its perfect quality. The latest production technology provides reliability of any product of "Colombo Design" trade mark.


Perfect quality and absolute certainty in manufactured products makes it possible for the company "Colombo Design" to provide 10 year guarantee for Crom cover and 30 year guarantee for HPS cover.

These days in the whole world more and more attention is given to the question of ecology and saving of environment. According to an opinion of founders of the company Colombo there came the time of companies that work under the motto “made with love to the nature”.

In this direction the company "Colombo Design" reached significant progress by means of getting of the status Green Made.

What does Green Made mean?

Green Made means way of thinking, development and production in chime with environment. Whenever designers of the company "Colombo Design" is planning production of a new product, first of all they think about the nature from which they take their inspiration and creative energy.

That means that while managing production processes "Colombo Design" is guided by a system of environmental protection according to modern European norms.

Ecological orientation of our production process as an evidence of comprehensive attention of the company "Colombo Design" to environmental protection is proved by the certificate UNI EN ISO 14001:2004.


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