otlav фурнитура

Leaves with a floating quarter are hung on regulated hinges. One of the best manufacturers of regulated hinges is the firm "Otlav".

By means of spirit of initiative and permanent searching of the latest technologies, “Otlav” became the most significant manufacturer of window and door hinges of the type “with a screw-on rod” in the world level.

Initial individuality, that is significantly spread in production, favoured tough normal technical selection, as a result, nowadays “Otlav” guarantees the most modern production processes, the widest choice of models and fifty-year experience in the field of hinges.

Strict quality control, that is based on twenty-year tradition of holding of week courses for factory personnel, is “Otlav” pride. 

Fundamental characteristic of this firm, that is based on production and technology, brought "Otlav" to an idea of creating of equipment for its own production directly in the firm. Thanks to the engineering department of “Otlav” secrets of production, that are anticipating the future, do not go beyond the factory. That’s because of permanent opening of new technologies that “Otlav” is a militant competitor on a world scale in the fight for cost price reduction.

The technology, that is used by “Otlav” – is a result of experience, studying and its own patents (an owner of more than 70 international patents), and on such a peculiarity there is based permanent expansion of “Otlav” company.

“Otlav” door hinges are produced on the most modern technological lines and special models can stand not only vertical loads but also horizontal loads.



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