The door factoryMeranti-plusis an acknowledged leader in Ukraine, the best company, which has been engaged in manufacturing of room dividing doors for 19 years. This is not by accident. We are the best, as far back in 1995 we approved several rules, which we steadily follow even to the present time:

 Rule No. 1


 In order to be the best it is necessary to focus your attention on the chosen direction. We manufacture only room dividing doors and we put all efforts into development and improvement of our craftsmanship. Thanks to the particular focus we managed to achieve the perfect quality of manufactured doors, to ensure the shortest terms of production, to elaborate a unique design and to preserve the excellent functional characteristics.

 Rule No. 2


 80% of all works at the future door are carried out on the state-of-the-art Italian equipment, which is assembled and adjusted specially for our company in order to ensure the best quality only. We could automate all manufacturing processes, but, as you know, a tree requires personal attention of a master. That is why somefinestworks on the door factoryMeranti-plusare carried out by the real professionals. The personal attention and the state-of-the-art technological solutions are those factors, which make every door a unique one.

 Rule No. 3


 While manufacturing each door we understand that we create reputation, as all advantages of our products are revealed only over the years. The everyday comfort in use, trouble-free performance, reliability of mechanisms and perfect quality of materials have become the synonyms ofMeranti-plusdoors and simultaneously the proud of our customers, who made the right chose. We know how to be the best at the time of purchase, but we think that the main advantage is to be the best in the course of time.

 Make sure of advantages ofMeranti-plusproducts. We are sure that we have an offer you can be interested in.