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Doors with the glass are an excellent alternative to dead room dividing doors made of traditional materials. They strip the space of its pressing isolation and they also visually “move apart” the space and join rooms as well as fill them with light and create the impression of a great size of room. Following the last practice in interior design the door factory “Meranti-plus” made unique door collection with using of decorative glass.

Glass is ecologically safe, natural material in addition glass has a thousand-year history of processing, transforming faceless material into works of art. The various methods of processing of this material can visually expand the boundaries of the room, to give it extra volume and make the right focus on other details of the interior. With the introduction of glass in the process of manufacturing, interior doors are no longer just the boundary of rooms, they have become the epitome of excellent style, the part of your personality.

To create a unique composition one of these methods are used:

Fusing is a technique of glass sintering in a furnace, in such stained-glass there are no metal compounds among pieces of glass and the glass is sintered under the temperature of 800 °C, it becomes uniform and it is fused into each other. Fusing can be put on white sateen as well as on bronze one.


Sand-blasting processing is done by means of dispersion of sand under high pressure on the surface of glass. That gives to glass the transparent surface that usually is deeper than while engraving. During the processing those areas are transparent which are covered from sand impact. The depth and level of transparency are regulated by means of pressure and a type of used sand. With a help of sand-blasting processing that is possible to create a frosted picture of any difficulty and to give to the glass a deep relief structure. Optical characteristics of frosted glass (treated by means of sand-blasting technique) are such that the light while going through the glass is very dispersing. As a result the glass transmits the light however it becomes almost non-transparent.


Nowadays laser engraving is the most priority way of putting of an image almost on any materials.

Glass engraving technology is an art of putting of an image on material by means of focused laser beam. The surface of the treated glass, while reacting with a laser, is evaporating with escaping of a liquid phase. Thereby, under the influence of a laser beam one or another image or an ornament is fused into the product structure itself. Laser engraving has high efficiency, resolution, accuracy and quality nevertheless the main thing is the fact that it provides maximum life of an image that is not acceptable for another ways of deposition.

By means of the fact that while laser engraving there is no direct contact with the processing surface, at the end that is possible to get an unusual relief image, beautiful and differing with special accuracy lines. The thickness of the latter can differ, it depends upon the diameter of the laser that was used while putting of images.

Stained-glass is a unique glass decor that will diversify even the simplest interior design. Stained-glass production is a realization of artist fantasies in the glass.

Classic or real set stained-glass is a set of coloured pieces of glass that are cut according to a special image and that are fastened by means of special lead, copper or brass sections. In these pieces of stained-glass there is used glass that is specially coloured in different colours.


Facet is one of the ways of processing of glass edges with faceting under a definite angle. Decorative facet elements are various voluminous engraved glass elements and their compositions. With their help there is created a wonderful “cut-glass play” that gives depth and glitter to doors with this glass. On going through chamfered glass a sunbeam is refracted with creating of a rainbow and reviving of objects. From the earliest times while faceting glass masters expertly showed the ability of light to be split. Nowadays there exists special high-technology equipment that makes it possible to get a desirable result with high accuracy and at breakneck speed.