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The factory for the production of various models of modern and classic doors "Meranti-plus" began its existence in 1995. Today the company produces a great number of elite doors, which are made of various types of wood with different decorative glass elements. The doors, which are manufactured by "Meranti-plus", will adorn any interior because of the wide range that is offered by the manufacturer, you can easily select and buy interior doors, which are encrusted with crystals and stones "Swarovski" and other expensive elements, from the manufacturer in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.

Since 2009, the company launched a new "Art Classic" collection, which due to the range of doors was significantly increased. Door veneers are also presented in different variations, including models of exotic sorts of trees. To ensure that every customer can find exactly what he needs in the model range of our doors, we try to continuously introduce the latest and rare decorative elements in design. Interior and office "Meranti" doors are the guarantee of perfect form and the exclusive exterior. High-quality materials and the latest design create the unique doors, and our catalog of interior doors allows selecting the appropriate model quickly and effortlessly.

With all the compelling benefits of the products, "Meranti Doors" have another important measure for each customer - it is a pleasant and affordable price for interior doors.

Exclusive veneered interior doors in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities with a guarantee of quality, convenient delivery and at a nice price - only from the company "Meranti-plus". Order our internal doors and see all of the advantages of the leader of Ukrainian market.