Locks of the Italian firm “AGB”

Colombo DesignThe Italian company “AGB” produces various locks for entrance, room dividing, sliding doors as well as sanitaryware locks. Specialists of Designing Service deal with creating of design and working out of a mechanism of each product of the company AGB. All products undertake testing stage and if it is necessary they are improved. Since 1996 the company AGB has satisfied the standard ISO 9001 (Vision 2000).

Depending upon the purpose of their usage, in room dividing doors there are mounted the following types of locks:


A lock only for a handle – it is mounted in doors that do not need to be locked.

A lock of WC type – a sanitaryware lock.

It makes it possible to lock a door without using of a key and only from one side. It has no secrecy. As a rule it is mounted in a bathroom and bathroom unit.

A lock of PZ type – it makes it possible to lock a door with a key. As a secrecy mechanism there is used a standard eurocylinder, a level of secrecy is determined with secrecy of a used cylinder. As a rule such a lock is mounted in doors with restricted (individual) access.

The noiseless locks Evolution for inside doors for a handle and WC are more quiet locks because of their new inner construction. In all Meranti-plus doors there is used a mechanism of the lock AGB Evolution with brass and dull chrome colours.

Distance between axes – 96 m

End cleat width – 18 mm, the length – 196 mm.

Distance to a locking mechanism 35/50/60

Frame width – 75,5 mm, frame height – 132 mm

The noiseless locks for the cylinder Mediana Evolution for inside doors. That is a more quiet lock because of its new inner construction.

Distance between axes – 85 mm

End cleat width – 18 mm, the length – 196 mm.

Distance to a locking mechanism 35/50/60

Frame width – 75,5 mm, frame height – 132 mm




Magnetic locks “Bonaiti”

Colombo Design

The Italian factory “Bonaiti” was founded in 1890 by a family of entrepreneurs. During more than 100 years the company “Bonaiti" has been a manufacturer of locks for room dividing doors with producing of 10 million locks per year and having thousands of clients in the whole world. As a result of laborious research in the field of permanent magnets engineers of this factory worked out patented revolutionary magnetic locks "B-ONE", "B-TWO", "B-TOUR", that have no analogues in the world.

The main advantage of these locks is their construction that makes it possible for the mechanism to function normally even in a case of some subsiding of a door. Usage of permanent magnets in the lock provided absolutely noiseless functioning of a lock unit with no mechanical and noise effect of a click.


Locks "B-ONE”

The frame of the lock “B-ONE” is made of polyamide 6.6 (РА6+30% VT), that is forced with glass fibre. Polyamide 6.6 is used in production of details of Formula-1 racing cars. A front and counter plates are made of zinc alloy in the main covers: bronze, brass, polished chrome and dull chrome. The permanent magnet is made of Ferrimax 44, isotropic ferrit with good heat and moisture resistance.

 The counter plank 992 makes it possible to even the level of the lock and counter plank not less than for 2 mm after their mounting – that is an excellent possibility to level a door and jamb when it is difficult to do that.